Business Writing Handbook

Business Writing Handbook


The Business Writing Handbook is a comprehensive guide to writing professionally in a commercial context. It provides guidance on how to write, structure and present business emails, formal letters, client reports and presentations, web pages, newsletters and meeting notes.

Detailed model examples are presented throughout, including examples of what not to do. An overview of English grammar, spelling and punctuation rules is provided, with a focus on the most common errors made in a business context. Strategies for improving your writing style are considered, with a focus on helping you to achieve maximum impact and clarity when liaising with clients and colleagues. Practical tips on effective proof reading and editing are included, along with advice on how to effectively use visual aids. There are also humorous examples throughout of terrible errors made where people have failed to follow the rules and guidance set out in this handbook.

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"I am delighted to see this guide join the City Career Series suite. The best written English in a business context is clear, concise and to the point. This guide provides no-nonsense advice on how to achieve that style. Read it, apply its principles and you will soon be writing for success."

- Claire Leslie, Senior Careers Consultant, University of Warwick Law School

"John Trimbos is a leading trainer in business writing. This handbook encapsulates the tips and techniques he teaches to young professionals in one easy-to-access source which follows his own rules. Highly recommended."

- Christopher Stoakes, Author of Get To The Point and Commercial Awareness

"This is an excellent guide to business writing. The handbook is full of useful information and advice. Not only does John Trimbos know his stuff, he communicates this with clarity and humour."

- Nick Cromwell, Leadership and Management Coach, Nick Cromwell Coaching

"An excellent business writing guide – every professional should have a copy."

- Catherine Green, Learning and Development Manager, Atkins (Design, Engineering and Project Management Consultancies)